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Accounting for the Hospitality Sector

Today’s globalized business model revolves around financial dealings that require well-established accounting and bookkeeping systems. Major industries like hospitality and real estate would require sound accounting practices to flourish in a growing business community.

Accounting has grown from just providing standard reports like balance sheets, income statements, and statements of equity. In modern accounting practice, data-driven reports have made accounting a more dynamic approach to business management and growth.

While start-up businesses may survive without having to worry about the numbers, this may not be true for most medium to large-scale businesses. As a business grows, expansion requirements would be a lot easier if a company providing hospitality accounting services is hired. Reliance in high-end accounting is a key characteristic of large and growing businesses. This is even more applicable to businesses in the hospitality sector, where products, services, and supplies would vary within a wide range. A specialized third-party providing hospitality accounting services would aid in creating sound accounting practices suitable for expansion and large-scale operations.

What Is Hospitality Accounting?

Other Industries We Serve

For more information about our tax and accounting services for hospitality businesses, please fill out the contact form below and one of our tax and accounting professionals will be in touch shortly.

The construction industry faces a unique set of challenges that many other industries do not such as insurance and bonding requirements, labor issues, and a highly competitive bidding process–all of which vary from contract to contract.

If you operate a construction management firm, or are a general contractor, subcontractor, residential developer, or own a business in the construction-related trades, you need an accounting firm that understands your business.

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From keeping up with the latest dental techniques to hiring employees and payroll and tax compliance, managing a dental practice is more complicated than ever. With the right team in place, you’ll have more time to focus on your patients. While you may already have an HR professional on staff to take care of that side of the business, chances are you’ve been struggling with the financial side. If so, then maybe it’s time to hire an accounting firm that specializes in dental practices. Read More

Healthcare is complicated, and as you may have discovered, it takes much more than medical or healthcare industry expertise to build and maintain a successful medical practice. Fortunately, our team of experienced CPAs and accounting professionals is here to help. Not only do we work with you to strengthen your accounting procedures and processes to manage your business more effectively, but we also help you improve your bottom line by reducing operational costs and identify opportunities to build your healthcare practice.

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For many professionals, time is money — and attorneys are no exception. Whether you operate as a solo practitioner or are a member of a partnership-based law firm chances are good that you simply don’t have time to handle the tax and accounting aspects of your practice and keep your practice running smoothly. Read More

The manufacturing industry is highly competitive. Not only are there complex regulations to comply with; technological changes are numerous and frequent. With customers demanding better products at lower prices and a faster turnaround, you need solutions fast. The good news is that we are here to help.

As your trusted advisor our job is to help you stay competitive. We’ll work with you to streamline your accounting procedures and processes as well as identify opportunities that help you improve your bottom line by reducing operational costs and manage your facilities more cost-effectively.

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As a nonprofit organization, you face unique challenges that for-profit businesses don’t, such as the annual submission of Form 990, compliance with (OMB) Circular A-133 requirements or paying taxes on unrelated business income. That’s why it pays to have a dedicated team of tax and accounting professionals that specializes in nonprofit accounting and tax compliance on your side.
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The decision to start a new business is an exciting one, but as every experienced business owner knows, there’s more to it than developing a product and hoping it sells. As an entrepreneur, you’re probably a “big picture” person with a vision. You’d rather not deal with nitty-gritty details like choosing a business entity, sales and payroll tax, or accounting systems that help you manage cash flow. The good news is that we’re here to help you figure it out.

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Between managing logistics, upkeep on repairs, an increase in competitors and rising expenses, transportation business operators have their hands full. While the day-to-day may seem overwhelming, we’re here to take some of the load off your plate. Gulla CPA has worked with transportation and logistics clients since its inception, and we’re confident we can help you get organized and give you more visibility into the financial aspects of your enterprise. Read More

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